I am working in the fields of photography, music, performance, video, sculpture and design.
My life as an artist is an extension of an extraordinary childhood. So extraordinary that as an adult I have found it a challenge to maintain the level of creativity in day-to-day life that my parents afforded me as a child. My father Michel Chabiland was an inventor and my mother Danielle Chabiland, his assistant. My two sisters and I grew up literally following in their footsteps, evolving as people through the evolution of their projects.
At 18 I moved to New York and spend the first year preparing a portfolio to apply to the International Center of Photography.I presented an abstract series of geometrical composition based on New York‘s skyline. I did it as pure exercise, but it soon became the foundation for a wider concept in tracking vanishing points beyond the surface in search of another dimension.  At  ICP I applied this discipline to portraiture, using models as the base material for a photographic exploration of the other side of the individual in search of the universal. The process has evolved ever since, using various techniques, from black on black printed on linen to X-ray films, building a bridge between photography and radiography through series of portraits, nudes
and metaphysical landscapes.
In 2004, a  shape drawn from the collective unconscious based on a primal gesture appeared into my life: The Void, the volume of empty space in between our four fingers.
I present the Void in various materials through workshops, sculptures, jewellery and furnitures.
My performances are always related to sound. I have no intention on learning any instruments but enjoy finding new ways to use them. I started making music in 1998 with Kevin Morrison. Together we formed Wasteband, a parody of all bands with convertible band members, tones of auditions, brakes-ups, manifestos and relabeled merchandising.
For my solo projects I have developed a series of unconventional piano pieces. Since 2008 I perform “Elbow in C”  while sleeping on my keyboard, surfing the waves of sound, transcribing with my elbows  nightmares and dreams into  drones.

Portrait by Juan Camilo Roa