@ Juan Camilo Roa 2019

In 1986, I moved to New York and spend the first year preparing a portfolio to apply to the International Center of Photography. I presented an abstract series of geometrical composition based on New York‘s skyline. I did it as pure exercise, but it soon became the foundation for a wider concept in tracking vanishing points beyond the surface in search of another dimension.  At ICP I applied this discipline to portraiture, using models as the base material for a photographic exploration of the other side of the individual in search of the universal. The process has evolved ever since, developing new analog techniques, from black on black printed on linen (1988-1992) to X-ray films (1998 till now), creating a hybrid between photography and radiography.
My performances are always related to sound. Over the years, I have developed a series of unconventional piano pieces. 
Since  2008, I perform “Elbow in C” while sleeping on my keyboard, surfing the waves of sound, transcribing with my elbows nightmares and dreams into drones.
Zabo Chabiland (b. 1968) is a French artist working in the fields of photography, music, performance and video and sculpture.
Graduated from the Full time studies program of The International Center of Photography of New York in
1988. and currently lives and works in Berlin.
Sleeping odyssey, DDR-DPRK Trägheit,  Jeune Création 69em édition (Elena Costelian) Silencio Club Paris, France. 2019
El Rapto de los suenos de Europa, XV Jornada International de Performances, TKP, Barcelona, Spain. 2019
Elbow in Sea, Moon Light Mer. Cabanoun La  Busquae, Sormiou, Marseille France. 2019
DDR DPRK Trägheit, "Ungemütlich VI" (Frederic Krauke) Forum Factory, Berlin, Germany. 2019
Elbow in C, Mess festival, Berlin, Germany. 2019.
Brazilian Nightmare, Fiftypercent magazine, Sameheads, Berlin, Germany. 2019
Brazilian Nightmare, Forum Factory (Mina Buker) Berlin, Germany. 2018
Piano Stripes for 36 hands, launching of Mots Slow #5 (Jerome Carsenti) Gru_nd Berlin. Germany. 2018
Wasteband’s Wolsodonails salon, with Pauline Payen, L'Institut d'Esthétique, Do Disturb Festival, Paris, France. 2018   
Sleeping Odyssey, Piano Stripes for 32 hands. Jeune Création 68em édition (Elena Costelian) Beaux Arts de Paris, France. 2018
Sleeping Odyssey, Noiselab Festival (Pit Ruge) Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany. 2018.
Sleeping Odyssey,  Hotel Kosmos (Nicolas Moulin) Hochparterre Berlin Germany. 2017
Piano Stripes for 32 hands, "Ungemütlich V" (Frederic Krauke) Willner Brauerei Berlin Germany. 2017
Wasteband, "Burdel" (Jemek Jemowit) Sameheads Berlin Germany. 2017
Elbow in C, "The spectacular fest"Urban Spree  Berlin, Germany. 2017
World Wide Waste (A night of extravaganza organised by Wasteband) Gru_nd, Berlin, Germany. 2017
Piano Strike  & Elbow in C,  Blago Bung 11 (Patrice Lerochereuil) Emily Harvey Foundation New York, U.S.A. 2016
Nothing else mattress (with Nicolas Puyjalon) Ida Schmid Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. 2016
Piano Strike, Ungemütlich, L’embobineuse, Marseille, France 2016
Nothing else mattress (with Nicolas Puyjalon) Performance Festival Interval 8 Cologne, Germany. 2016
Piano Strike, DAF Festival, Geneva, Switzerland. 2016
Elbow in C, MAD Maison Rouge, Paris, France. 2015
Nothing else mattress (with Nicolas Puyjalon) Month of Performance Berlin, 2015
Voiding performance (with Kevin Morrison and Pauline Payen) “Exhibit” (Delphine Marinier) Glogauair, Berlin, Germany. 2015
Elbow in C, Atelier KSR  (Nicolas Puyjalon) Berlin, Germany. 2014
Elbow in C, Atonal Festival Berlin, Germany. 2013
Piano Strike, Ungemütlich III (Frederic Krauke) Shift, Berlin, Germany. 2013
Voiding Performance (with Kevin Morrison), Duve Gallery, Berlin, 2013
1X1 Blago Bung 8 (Patrice Lerochereuil) Emily Harvey Foundation, New York, U.S.A. 2013
Elbow in C,  Balhaus Pankow, Berlin, Germany. 2012
Piano Wrist Materia Prima,  Naherholung Sternchen Berlin, Germany.2012
Elbow in C, White Lodge Berlin, Germany. 2012
Elbow in C, Butt and Better Festival Berlin, Grünau, Germany. 2012
Piano Sleep,  Hunger International Performance Festival (Open space) Berlin, Germany. 2011
Piano Sleep, Occulto Fest, Loophole, Berlin, Germany. 2011
Diverse Universe International Performance (Open space) Festival Berlin, Germany.2010
Piano Sleep,  Kranhalle, Berlin, Germany. 2010
Scream OM loud! Something Happened on the Way to... (Hannes Gruber) Berlin, Germany. 2009
Piano Phare A.J.A.R. Gallery,Berlin, Germany. 2009
Tube Socks Angels (with Jason Honea) Wallywooods, Berlin, Germany. 2008
Tube Socks Angels (with Jason Honea) GDK Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 2008
Elbow in C,  Wallywoods (Paul Woods) Galerie, Berlin, Germany. 2008
Wasteband (with Kevin Morrison) La Generale, Paris, France. 2005
Wasteband (with Kevin Morrison) Cave Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. 1998
Wasteband (with Kevin Morrison) Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. 1998

Group Shows
MMXIX El Rapto d’Europa (APte) TKP Barcelona, Spain. 2019
Lange Nacht der Bilder, Lichtenberg, Berlin 2019

Moon Light Mer  Cabanoun (Frédérique Blanc-Règne) Marseille France. 2019

La Cabane Georgina (Elena Costelian) Marseille, France. 2017
"Ungemütlich IV" (Frederic Krauke) L’Oriel Marseille, France 2017
Manhattan... I could only dream it! The Secret Studio New York, NY, U.S.A. 2016
Painted Lives Anti Matter Quick Check, Berlin, Germany. 2016
"Beware of the holy whore" Ida Schmid (Jen DeNike) New York, NY, U.S.A. 2016
"Exhibit" Glogauair (Delphine Marinier) Berlin, Germany. 2015
"Die Sünde der Wissenschaft" 500 years Anniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius(Dominique Brancher) Basel University Library, Switzerland. 2014
International Festival of Photography Photo Visa, Krasnodar, Russia. 2014
Face off, Taichung City, Taiwan. 2013
Mystic Art Festival Magdeburg, Germany. 2013
"Siga o cuelho branco” Centro Cultural Germanico, Icarai Brazil. 2013
"Traum vetter" Balhaus Pankow, Berlin, Germany. 2012
Forgotten Bar Project Berlin (Hannes Gruber) Germany. 2010
Kabinettschrank des Doktor W. Bar 25 Berlin (Hannes Gruber) Germany. 2010
DMY International Design Festival Berlin, Germany. 2010
Illiterate, (Marc Sink) Denver, U.S.A. 2010
BHC Kollektiv, Berlin, Germany. 2010
Treasure (Amnon Friedman) GDK Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 2008
Wallywoods Galerie (Paul Woods) Berlin, Germany. 2007
Circus of books, Los Angeles, U.S.A. 2007
"Corpo e Identidade” Encontros da Imagem, Braga (Rui Prata) Portugal. 2006
L'épicerie (Gaité Lyrique hors les murs) Paris, France. 2004
"Human form" Gallery Sink, Denver, U.S.A. 2001
Mode bus "time scan", Vienna, Austria. 1999
Encontros da Imagem Praga (Rui Prata) Portugal. 1998
Barbara Brathen Gallery New York (Maynard Monroe) U.S.A. 1995
"Presence" The Photographers Gallery (David Chandler) London, G.B. 1993
Illivisibility A.B. Galerie, Paris, France. 1992
Eigen + Art Gallery (with Ozzi Ozwald) New York, U.S.A. 1991
Nikon Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland. 1988
Final exhibition, ICP, New York, U.S.A. 1988
Solo Shows  
“Now what tour” Wstbnd (with Kevin Morrison) Ida Schmid Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. 2016
Wasteband (with   Kevin Morrison) Stattberlin, Berlin, Germany. 2012
Void Haus (6 months residencie) Haus1, Berlin, Germany. 2011
Panorama Galerie Berlin, Germany. 2006 
Aqua Galerie (with A.J. Gailla) Berlin, Germany. 2007
Art Week Antwerpen, Belgium. 2005
Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A. 1998
Paris Photo Galerie Esther Woerdehoff Paris, France.1997 
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff Paris, France. 1993
South East Museum of Photography, Florida, U.S.A. 1992
Mot Slow (Jerome Karsenti) 2018 / Kiosk N°82 (with Kevin Morrison) 2016 / International Festival of Photography
Photo Visa, Krasnodar, Russia. 2014 / Mot Slow (Jerome Karsenti) 2014 / Omen mag #9 (Marcus Leatherdale) 2012
Playboy Magazine 2004 / Vogue 2003 /  WeAr Magazine 2003 / Paris Photo 1997 / “Sleep” by Robert Peacock 2000
“Presence” The Photographer’s Gallery London (David Chandler) 1993.Art news. Nov 1993 / Opus Magazine. Jan 1990
“Watewah” Sleeping Odyssey, Sunatra space division of Grautag records. 2019

Smart Museum, Chicago, U.S.A.
Museo da Imagems, Braga, Portugal.
Private Collections in France, England, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Australia and China.