A Universal shape
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The Void is an automatic figure from the collective unconscious.
During concentration phases sometimes our fingers tend to disconnect from our thoughts and start to act freely with the first things that comes to the hands ( wax, bread crumbs, clay, paper etc...) energy is then released into a liberating recurring shape: The empty space between our four fingers.
The first impulse is to knead the malleable material with the thumbs and index fingers in a rotary movement, the fingers becomes the mold, a Void is formed and is usually transformed in the action before we identify it.


Voids in the quarry of the volcano Rano Raraku on Easter Island. @Yann David

The Void shape goes back to the very first creations of humanity.
Its origin is link to the one of the clay ball that can be found in ancient cultures. The primal gesture  of making a small ball, before forming it between the palms, it is inevitable to first press the material in between the thumbs and indexes.
Voids are part of our history without us realizing it.
Brancusi 1928
One can imagine sculptors such as Brancusi or Rodin having passed their lives in their studios in contact with clay to have also made voids, automatically, while reflecting.

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